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The retinalbiomarkers group uses the electroretinogram and retinal imaging methods to explore functional and structural retinal biomarkers for neurological and vascular conditions.

The Retinal Biomarkers Group


Paul Constable

Lynne Loh

Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos

Natalie Mills

Mallika Prem Senthil


Mikhail Kulyabin 

Aleksei Zhadanov

Marek Brabec

Nadja Klein

United States

Hugo Posada-Quintero

Sultan Mohammed Manjur

Luis Roberto Mercado Diaz

United Kingdom

Dorothy Thompson

Irene Lee

David Skuse


Nicolas Cordoba

Samuel Alejandro Daza Rodriguez

Diego Alejandro Torres Galindo

Retinal Biomarkers Group

We are and International network of clinicians, visual electrophysiologists, bioengineers and statisticians applying signal analysis and machine learning to identify retinal biomarkers for neurodevelopmental disorders.  

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Latest Publications


Kulyabin, M., Zhdanov, A., Nikiforova, A., Stepichev, A., Kuznetsova, A., Ronkin, M., Borisov, V., Bogachev, A., Korotkich, S., Constable, P. A., & Maier, A. (2024). OCTDL: Optical Coherence Tomography Dataset for Image-Based Deep Learning Methods. Scientific Data, 11(1), 365. 


Kulyabin, M., Constable, P. A., Zhdanov, A., Lee, I. O., Thompson, D. A., & Maier, A. (2024). Attention to the Electroretinogram: Gated Multilayer Perceptron for ASD Classification. IEEE access : practical innovations, open solutions, 1-1. 



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