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Our Projects

Our projects apply visual electrophysiology and imaging of the retina to beter understand changes in the brain. Because the brain shares many of the neurotransmitters found in the retina- this means that the retina can be used to understand how these chemical signals might differ and affect the retina's structure and functioin in conditions affecting the brain.  

comparison of ADHD and control electroretinogram

Retinal siganls (electroretinograms) of a control and ADHD individual exhibiting differences in shape.

Abstract Texture

Retinal Biomarkers in Neurodevelopmental Disorders-A multiverse Approach

We are applying signal analysis of the ERG with different statistical features to best differentiate neurodevelopmental disorders from typical individuals. 

signal analysis of electroretinogram

Development of Smartphone ERG Device

We are exploring the potential of using a smartphone to facilitate ERG recordings to broaden the clinical applications of the ERG in neurological and retinal conditions.


Synthetic ERG waveform Generation

The AI generation of synthetic ERG waveforms could help to improve clasification accurracy of ML models.

real syn.jpg

Biomarker for Cerebral Vision Impairment

We are using the ERG and visual perception tests in children with cortical visual impairment to identify a biomarker for this condition. 

acuity noise_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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